Creepy Doll 1

the doll

Once long ago, there was a boy named henry. He was only 4. He loved buying dolls. One day he went to the store with his mom. He saw a doll he really liked, so much that he took the price tag off and put it in his moms purse. What he didnt realize was that there was a sign next to the doll that said, "this doll should not be in dark and quite areas." But the poor boy couldnt read. When he got home he took the doll to his DARK room and hid it in a QUITE place, then left. Lator that night his mom fell asleep. He went back to his room and the doll wasnt there. He cried and then looked for it again. When he woke up on the floor he was in this DARK and very QUITE place. Then a little lamp cut on. There the doll was. It was starring at him. He was very scared. Then the doll walked to the boy and said, "dont you love me,cause i love YOU!!!!!!" The boy cried and said what do you want. The doll said, do u love me,YOU BETTER." the boy sceamed then a door opened and his mom was there. His mom said what happend are you ok. The doll then sneaked away. The boy told is mom about what happend but she was just mad about him taking the doll without permision. Lator that night the boy saw his other toy dolls and played, then sleeped with them. He woke up in that dark and quite place again. Then all the dolls he played with the other day said,"do you love me,YOU BETTER!!!!!!!!" And this time the little boy saw a piece of wood lying next to him. He grabbed it and hit the dolls with it. The dolls were then mad. They told the little boy that he better stop. Then he ran to the door and opened it. It ended up it was all a dream. So he laid back down with a doll and fell asleep. The doll turned its head at the boy and then smiled.